Because we are stupid.

Ich les ja ganz gern das Blog eines Kellners irgendwo in den USA

Microwave Dreams

Da gibt es einen ganz wunderbaren Frauenversteher Kommentar

I can tell you the plain and simple reason why women get anorexic (in 99% of cases):

Because they are stupid.

It’s nothing more to it. They are spoiled by US Weekly, VH1, or similar idiot’s media into believing that you are only a worthy being when you’re anorexically thin. What they don’t get (because they are stupid) is that most celebrities they are trying to imitate are also not soooo thin – mostly they are photoshopped or stretched in the movies. Digital retouching can do a lot.

So most women nowadays live under the delusion that they can get Brad Pitt if they are looking really really model – like, and they all want a shortcut to fame and wealthyness.

Women aren’t stupid. They feel that they are not beautiful enough, talented enough or clever enough to become famous for a reason, so they resort to the only thing within their reach – getting very slim. The fact that most western women are psychos goes a long way at helping becoming anorexic.

Again, and please flame away women, men should stay clear of western women at all cost. Better get an asian women (not asian-american, but from an asian background) because they are naturally slender, and they are not living by the US Weekly bible.

Western women should go anorexic while holding out for Brad or Beckham, and maybe it’s better for our world if they aren’t helped at all, because their “sickness” is induced by vain and stupidity…

Natural selection, b…tches

Ich lass das einfach mal so im Raum stehen weil ich selber noch nicht grün bin was ich davon halte


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