Absolutely meh

It’s boring. Having a blog and not feeding it. Makes me feel a little guilty, for whatever reasons. Also, the occasional blog entry keeps up the pretense of life. This is one reason, and I had to realize that my Twitter spam score increased significantly while not blogging, that was kind of scary.

Anyone asking by now why this post is in English: truth be told, I don’t have a clue.

Finished a book with the promising title „Kill your friends“, laughed and went directly for Transmetropolitan. You don’t have to like the world and you can still be a somehow ok person. Comforting. Especially since some people managed to get fame and money for not liking anyone or anything. Can I get some money for that without doing anything like writing a book or a comic? Please? I’ll pass on the fame …

Wow, I just realized I stuck with no-blogging for a whole week, amazing. My spine is most adorable, wouldn’t you agree?

The somewhat sad aspect of this post is that I don’t really have anything to tell, I was just so incredibly bored and annoyed that I could not think of anything else than get here and start typing.

So no, it’s not like the world suddenly went all shiny on me and from now on posts will be regular, full of happiness, rainbows, fairies, and what have you. The BS did not all of a sudden drop out of my life, like the way it dropped in on me, and I still have no fucking idea how to deal with everything. But spamming Twitter, trying to find someone to whine at in icq and social networks (I hate that term) is no way going to help me (AND it is embarrassing).

So yes, the blog is up again, for whatever good it might or might not do to me and will probably continue with way too personal posts about me struggling on and still seeing no sense in anything that happens to me.

Don’t come to read if you don’t care, and don’t you ever dare to complain to me about it.

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