Stolen property with metallic silver dragons

Facebook only allows 420 characters, but the text is way too funny to not show it, so:

If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that it was reported as „UNSOLD AND DESTROYED“ to the Publisher and is stolen property. Also, you should be aware that the cover was awesome. It featured a painting of a metallic silver dragon flying up to either the rescue or eat a beautiful, nearly nude sword maiden as she falls of a cliff. All of this is overseen by the bitter glare of the ever-uncaring Triple Suns. Plus, a very flattering portrait of the Author appeared within the Main Sun.
If you purchased this book with a cover, you should know that this book was accidently reported as „SOLD AND NOT DESTROYED“ to the Publisher, and both the author and the publisher have received payment for it. It is unclear how this may have happened.
But in either case:
Under arrangement with the Publisher, purchasing this book frees you from the obligation to read it.“

Well, I’ll read the book anyway. And in case you care, the cover on the book that I purchased contains no dragon whatsoever, the almost-nude woman is plainly an invisible nude sword-wielding woman and the portrait of the author may not be the most flattering that could be found. (At least not on the outside front cover, let’s not talk about the inside of the cover, ok?)

And the book in question is „Areas of my expertise“ by John Hodgman (yes, the PC from the apple spots)

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