Yes, well …

so I moved the blog. again. Seems I can’t come up with a name that sounds ok for more than a year. And I still don’t know about this writing in english. Sometimes I think it helps me stay focused on a topic. Sometimes I think it simply depends if I read too many books and watched too much tv in english. But let’s face it, who cares?

Christmas is pretty much over, and I got by ok. Now all I have to face is new year’s eve and I still have more than enough alcohol to cope with that. I still don’t get the hype about it. I used to, I think. But all this excitement and hope doesn’t seem to make that much sense any more.

So, medication is okay, but it sucks big time to suffer from withdrawal symptoms after not taking them for two days. At least they work. I’ve been going out more, lately, I guess the meds have something to do with that too. Maybe not, maybe I’m just sick of sitting at home all the time. Sometimes I watch myself and wonder how people can think I am ok. Yes, well, I am actually ok. But being ok is not enough on the long run. It’s like the difference between surviving and living. To quote: „I demand euphoria“ Ok, euphoria may be a bit much. A daily dose of happiness? With a side order of … you know … sex?

And no, I do not want to actually do something to be happy, I want room service. Some people seem to do nothing at all for being happy and they are. That is what I want. Now, please. Demanding too much? Yeah, I guessed so. Forgive a girl for dreaming…

I got hooked up on Glee. It’s perfect, really, absolutely no thinking required, it’s even better if you’re half drunk. It is annoyingly morale once you think about it, so don’t. Just watch the utterly parallel-universe-like problems, laugh at the performance, and enjoy music you would normally kill the radio for. And never ever think. Yes, it makes your brain feel all squishy after a while, but hey, isn’t that what holidays are for?

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